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Frequently asked


  • Can I use your website content (blog posts, resources articles, etc.) as a teaching resource?"
    Please do! I intentionally publish my resource articles and analyses of children's books on my site to provide you with the most free (and hassle-free) content I can. We so often build and strengthen our understandings of literature through open discourse - written and verbal. I want my site to be just that - my thoughts I'm sharing with you, in hopes that you'll not only share yours in return, but also use my understandings to help develop your own. Please review my Terms of Use policy for more information on linking and sharing my content, and feel free to contact me if you have further questions.
  • Do you create resources for other subject areas?
    While I love teaching Math, Science, and Social Studies, my jam just happens to be ELA. And while I love teaching foundational skills, writing, and informational text, my passion lies with literature and language. I once heard that your pursuit should be where your strength and passion meet - I took this to heart when creating Tiny Roots Co. So, long story short, I do not create resources for other subject areas (for now)!
  • How should I contact you regarding a mistake I found on your site (or resource)?
    Oh, dear. Nice catch! I'd love to fix the mistake ASAP! Please e-mail me directly at with the mistake and location. I will update and repost the document/content once corrected! More information on this topic can be found in my Terms of Use.
  • Can I download your resources directly from your website?
    At this time, all of my products are available exclusively through Teachers Pay Teachers. It is free to create a memembership account and being a teacher is not required! Plus, you're able to browse countless products from other Teacher Authors should you need additional resources.
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