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middle grade novel


snow & rose emily winfield martin

This middle grade beauty, brilliantly written and illustrated by Emily Winfield Martin, is a powerful exploration of family, friendship, and courage in the face of unexpected and unrelenting evil.

Emily’s enchanting interpretation of nine (almost ten)-year-old Snow and eleven-year-old Rose’s unexpected journey had my moody tale-loving self devouring every delicious breadcrumb.  Prepare to have your imagination held captive from cover to cover, as the suspense builds masterfully with each passing page.

What captivates me most is Emily’s ability to use her words and ethereal illustrations to weave together both wonder and whimsy.

Snow & Rose would make for a perfect addition to an upper elementary study on folklore and fairy tales, especially if compared to the Grimm Brothers’ original piece.  It would also make for an engaging and timely read aloud in a lower elementary classroom, especially in the cold and dreary winter months.  


Ah, my favorite thing to teach - tales and their reimaginings!

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